10 Instagram hacks you need to know in 2021

10 Instagram hacks you need to know in 2021

Upgrade your Instagram and take it to the next level as it has become a major online platform for businesses and personal brands to grow. Here is a list of 10 Instagram hacks you need to know about in 2021.

  1. Instagram allows you to change the background. When you re-share a feed post onto your story you can change the background to a solid colour tray, you can even create your own colour scheme when you upload a video or photo from your camera roll and the whole screen will fill up with colour. One can even use and create a scratch card effect and reveal a part of the image or video. 


2. When you share a post to your story, not only can you change the backdrop colour but you can also add in an image from your camera roll by tapping the sticker tray and selecting the Instagram image sticker.


3. Turn a live photo into a boomerang on Instagram. Select the photograph from your camera roll and press firmly on the screen for a few seconds until you notice a loading circle. That’s how you can turn a photo into a dynamic boomerang. 


4. Adding your brand colour to your story will help level up your online content. Copy and paste an image that includes your brand colours into the stories slide and use the colour picker tool and select the right shade.


5. Keep your captions short, sweet and to the point. The same goes for reels. Leave out the long captions for educational content.


6. Use effects to level up your Instagram reels.There are a variety of effects to choose from that will help boost engagement and attract your potential audience.



7. Instagram captions can be upto 200 characters so it’s helpful to break up your thoughts and use line breaks. This provides better clarity for the reader. You can also add line breaks in your bio.


8. The link in your bio is one of the most valuable ways to drive traffic from instagram – using the link in bio tool means one can capitalize. You can also build a clickable version of your Instagram feed along with other customizable button links. 



9. Optimize your profile if you’re looking to grow your following on Instagram, this can be done by including relevant keywords to your name field. Doing this will improve your chances of appearing in Instagrams results when someone searches for a target keyword.


10. Knowing your best time to post is also a great hack to encourage growth, you’ll always be sharing content at times that allow maximum engagement. Utilize the best time to post as it helps one to calculate your seven top posting times based on your best performing posts

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