5 Creative Ways Big Brands Are Using Twitter

5 Creative Ways Big Brands Are Using Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool among celebrities and can also be a powerful tool for companies and brands to stay connected with their customers. The right approaches to Twitter can include increase in brand awareness, website traffic and conversions.

  1. Playstation: The video game giant has over 9 million followers on Twitter. Playstation engages with their fans, and retweets them! They even pin tweets as it’s a great way to make engagement soar.


2. Samsung Mobile: What makes their account so popular with a large following is a wide variety of content, lots of retweets, good usage of hashtags.


3. Whole Foods: The Whole Foods Twitter account isn’t always about selling, they focus on educating their audience as well. They do this by posting recipes and tips on how to cook with the food they sell. They have over 600 blog posts and a large following.


4. McDonald’s: The brand has over 3 million followers and does a great job of posting a wide variety of posts. They even create their own hashtags and post frequently and maintain a post planner.


5. Starbucks: The brand has over 11 million followers on Twitter. They do a fantastic job of showcasing their followers by retweeting them and interacting with them. They surely do understand the importance of engagement on Twitter. They even use witty headlines and and different types of media.


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