5 Steps For Implementing A Successful Employer Branding Strategy

5 Steps For Implementing A Successful Employer Branding Strategy

Employer Branding is a key component of every successful Talent Acquisition strategy. Having a clearly defined Employer Brand can help you find the right job candidates, and attract, engage and hire them. Employer Brand is what your employees, current and potential future job candidates think about you as an employer. It is their perception of how you treat your employees and candidates as well as your Employee Value Proposition. 


Step 1: Define your Employer Branding goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your Employer Branding strategy. Some of the common Employer Branding goals include:

  • Get more job applicants
  • Get more high-quality candidates
  • Increase online engagement
  • Increase candidate engagement
  • Increase Employer Brand awareness
  • Build trust with current candidates
  • Get more career site visitors
  • Get more applicant from social media
  • Increase referral rates
  • Increase offer-acceptance rate


Step 2: Identify your Candidate Persona

Defining your candidate persona is a crucial step here. Without knowing who your perfect candidate is, you won’t be able to send targeted messages to the candidates that you want to attract.

Step 3: Define your Employee Value Proposition

Do you know why your current employer has chosen you? Do you know why they stay? Do you know what they like most about you as an employer? These are all the questions you need to answer in order to set up a successful Employer Branding strategy. Answers to these questions best explain your Employee Value. Your EVP is the message you will target your candidate persona with. 



Step 4: Define the channels to promote your Employer Brand

There are around 10 touchpoints with candidates before they get hires. They are points of, thus called, candidate journey. Many of these touchpoints are also channels for promoting your Employer Brand. 


Step 5: Measure your Employer Branding success

HR Analytics and measuring the most important hiring metrics has become one of the main 2018 goals for HR professionals. Based on the goals that you set up in the first step, you should measure the success of your Employer Branding strategy.  Data-driven recruiting, however, is impossible without the right recruiting tools! Today, there are many HR tech solutions that help HR professionals excel their Employer Branding strategies. 

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