7 Creative Ways To Get More Views On Reels

7 Creative Ways To Get More Views On Reels

Reels are the most effective way to grow your instagram account, once you do your follower count skyrockets. 

1.Trending Sounds: If you’d want your reel to go viral on Instagram hop onto the latest trending sounds. When a lot of users use a particular song the Instagram algorithm takes note and adds more of the same videos to the feed. This boosts the chance of gaining more views and potential followers.


2.Break Trends: Don’t recreate the exact same trend online. One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your views online is to add a twist onto the reel. It is also vital to focus on trends based on your audience and in relation to your brand. 


3.Hashtags: Hashtags are a powerful tool as Instagram reels view and help the algorithm to understand your content better. It is similar to the working of SEO. The algorithm will look at the hashtags you are using, analyse it and serve your content to a relevant.


4.Instagram Captions: The app is taking effective steps to become a robust search engine. When a caption is full of key words it helps to expand your niche online driving more traction to your page and creating online engagement with your audience and new ones as well. 


5.Creative Edits: Use creative edits for your reels. Add some interesting edits and creative transitions to keep the audience engaged for longer. Edits can be as simple as stopping and starting, repositioning the camera, talking about a particular subject; this helps keep the viewers focused for longer. Even BTS works great!


6.Leverage Q&A: Using Instagram reels to answer questions is a great way to keep the viewers coming back for more if the content is interesting to your target audience. One can even pick up questions from the comment section and create content with it. This will keep people coming back for more and help your page grow.


7.Tell A Story: Fifteen seconds may not seem like a lot of time but don’t be surprised. Storytelling is an important part of social media nowadays where people talk about their lives, personal struggles, obstacles they faced etc. It provides a real insight into the person’s life which makes it relatable to the audience. 

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