7 Forgotten Websites That Once Ruled The Online Platform

7 Forgotten Websites That Once Ruled The Online Platform

The fundamental structure of the internet has of course changed its course over time. Let’s rewind the clock a few decades ago and have a look at websites that one ruled the internet realm. 


  1. Myspace:  Long before Facebook and other online platforms Myspace was an online venue for aspiring musicians and bands to share music and concert dates, it helped to stay in touch with individuals across the globe who shared similar interests and passions. One could upload and share their own tracks for the world to listen to. Myspace is still very much in existence with its own thriving community but not compared to its heyday in 2005.



2. Napster: It was founded in 1999 as a file sharing internet software typically for audio songs. They were the first official online MP3 service providers. Napster allowed users to share over the internet electronic copies of music with over 1.5 million shares globally. Napster was later on shut down over a legal battle due to copyright privacy over the internet.



3. LiveJournal:  It was established in 1999 long before Tumblr or WordPress. LiveJournal was a combination of social media networking and a blogging platform. It was all about sharing views, thoughts, songs and stories on a global platform. It even had an online friends list and people from across the globe could connect with each other and network.



4. Digg: An online platform with trending stories and content from across the globe. The more shares and likes were given by Digg users the more prominent the topic became. At one point it was valued at 160M$ but due to rivalry from Reddit and increased competition in the online space it eventually died down.



5. AOL:  They were the early pioneers of the internet during the mid 90s and most recognized brand in the United States providing a range of web services for users. It allowed its users to access emails, enter chat rooms and other web services. In the early 2000 the introduction of broadband became accessible to the general public which in turn lead to its downfall.


6. Yahoo!: Yahoo!, once upon a time, was the most popular website worldwide. Yahoo! Offered everything that the introductory internet users needed. There was news, reports about the weather, sports, celebrity and lifestyle updates etc. It was as good as a newspaper but in a digital format. It even offers games, shopping options and was regarded to be the King of the Internet in the early 2000s.


7. Friends Reunited:  Long before Facebook came around, Friends Reunited was an online space introduced in 2001, for old school friends to stay in touch with each other. It even helped families keep in touch across the globe and build new friendships based on common interests along with job hunting and dating were themes for the reunion. 



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