A 5-Step Guide to creating a Facebook Business Page

A 5-Step Guide to creating a Facebook Business Page

 Facebook has over 2.23 billion users monthly and as a small business owner through Facebook you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and find your target consumers. Facebook is constantly developing and businesses are being offered more unique features to help their business grow.



  1. Fill In The Details:  Fill in the basic information about your business such as page name, product categories, address, phone number etc. Secondly add a profile image and cover photo. Select the right image that adds a visual element to your brand and draws attention. The image should also resonate with your brand and its value.




2. Page Information: Facebook will now guide you to ‘ Page SetUp’ where as a company you will have to fill in details about your brands description, product categories, contact information, location, opening and closing hours etc. All these details will appear on the About Tab of your Facebook page.



3. Customise Your Page: Facebook allows you to customise your page and lets you configure how you want your page to look like. There are several template icons one can choose from shopping, movies, services, cafes, standard etc. You can also customise your tabs as well and make it creative and organic.






4. Add Your Team: Facebook allows you to add your team members to modify and make changes to your page which makes it a convenient and easy process.




5. Promote Your Page: After you’ve created your new Facebook business page you’ll need to promote it. Invite your friends to your business page this will help acquire an audience, along with your website link.One can share it on other social media platforms, join a community and engage with like minded individuals or create and share worthy content.





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