About Me

I Love


Omnipresent, Omnivore, Omniscient...in any order of preference.

Globetrotting at every opportunity I get, while striving to break all cultural norms and boundaries to be a responsible citizen of the world, not just of the country I "belong to".

Culture, technology and people are everything to me. Put me into any space, and I will mould myself to fit into it, and excel in that environment.

My Story

Born and raised in Bombay, the city of dreams and raised to be an independent thinker, I am amidst hustling my way to the top.

I do love what I do and I get things done – at any cost. I consult for top international brands and emerging startups which I believe in. Considering the multiple marketing campaigns I have had the opportunity to work on, if you believe in the miracles I can do for your brand, get me on board to help.

Still (and always am) confused between Cinema and Academia, but I’m trying to figure it out along the way. With my passion for film making, I eventually see myself having built my own empire within Bollywood. I squeeze in a film or series into my schedule whenever I get the chance. 

As a creative thinker and writer, I believe everyone has a story to tell, I’m writing mine every day. I can’t wait to tell my story someday.