Facebook Ads 2022

Facebook Ads 2022

1,230,000,000. That’s how many active daily users are on Facebook. Digital marketing has drastically changed over the last decade. Ten years ago, Facebook had just switched from being a platform reserved for college students to a platform that everyone could access.

  1. Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. This means that Facebook Advertising creates an extremely valuable opportunity for businesses to get in front of prospective clients who are on Facebook. Facebook is still the king when it comes to social media. In fact, The other key thing to consider about Facebook users is that they span across all age groups. While the most popular age group on Facebook is 18-29 year olds with an 88% user rate, the drop off is minimal for older age groups.


2. There are two general types of Facebook Ads you can run and each type achieves a different goal for your business. With Engagement Ads, the goal of your campaign is to engage your audience by encouraging them to take action and interact with your post. The focus of these ads is to help get information out about your business and grow and nurture your audience. With Direct Response Ads the goal of your campaign is about driving leads and sales. These ads will have an offer and a call to action to “sign up” or “call now” or “click here.”  The offer and call to action are two critical components to successful direct response advertising. These are great if you’re trying to sell a specific product or offer a new deal.


3. Tracking the success of any ad campaign is extremely important. It allows you to measure the number of leads and sales generated directly from your Facebook ad campaign.The process to set up Facebook conversion tracking is simple and similar to other ad networks. 


4. The challenge with having access to so many users is making sure your ads get in front of your target customers. Luckily, Facebook advertising allows you to be highly targeted with the audience your ad will be in front of. You can use the following targeting options:

  • Demographics that can be broken down by age, gender, geographical location, etc.
  • Interests based on what the user likes, shares, clicks on, comments on, as well as the apps he/she uses
  • Behaviours based on activity on Facebook, as well as 3rd party partner data.
  • This includes purchase activity, device usage, and travel preferences.
  • Key pages visited on your website (aka retargeting)
  • Lists of email subscribers or customers in your database


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