How Do Twitter Trends Work

How Do Twitter Trends Work

The list of trending topics on Twitter is on the right column on Twitter’s trending home page because billions of people view it. Marking a spot for yourself in the trending list is very crucial in today’s digital age. Trends are determined by the algorithm that monitors hot subjects based on your location and who you follow.


1. Use a Unique Hashtag: Remember, if it’s a new hashtag it’s quicker to trend.This hashtag should be in your call to action, it must also be unique and must talk about the latest trending topics across the globe, this helps to draw attention.


2. Timing: Timing is very crucial as you don’t want your hashtag competing with someone else big or popular hence it is vital to investigate what’s happening and strategies accordingly. Planning the content and data will help to create vast engagement on the platform and get more followers.


3. Personalise Your Topics: Personalise your trend preferences and set your geographic preferences based on current trending topics. One can also choose a specific region as well. Twitter mobile app also lets you navigate and explore as well as tailor your preferences according to your feed.


4. Leveraging Tools: Use the right tools in order to build, manage and influence connections. It is a very important element to help build your brand and engage with individuals.


5. Post Relevant Content: It is vital to keep in mind to post relevant content on your Twitter feed. The information must be organic and in reference to your niche. One must re-tweet, join conversations online etc. This will help increasing online engagement and create brand awareness.


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