How To Embed Your Instagram Feed On Your Website

How To Embed Your Instagram Feed On Your Website

Social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enables you to have direct and personalized communication with your consumers to build a lasting relationship so it is important for your website visitor to be able to reach your social media account as your visitor might not be aware of your social media presence, embedding your social media account to your website visitor to reach your social media account and enables you to build a massive following on your social media account. In this ever-changing landscape of digital media marketing, Instagram has become one of the most engaging platforms to stay connected with your audience so it is a good practice to link it along with all other social media accounts to your website, here are the steps that you would need to follow to embed your Instagram feed on to your website. 


1. Choose Your Instagram Business Account Or Hashtag: You can use the help of online software such as to help you to set a layout of the social media feed that you want to embed onto your website. When you go to their website and choose to embed your social media account or your business account that you would want to link with your website.

 2. Curate Your Feed: You should curate your feed according to what you would want your visitor to see. You can remove the images that you don’t want showing up in the feed you’ll embed on your website. You should also update the settings for automatic curation. Do you want everything to be automatically approved to show up on your site? Or do you want to have to greenlight each image?



3. Design Your Feed: With a list of websites such as curator io. You can choose from their pre-set designs that include different ways of portraying the captions. Some designs let you hover over the image to see the captions, while others put the caption below or next to the image, they also allow you to upload your own custom posts to your feed. You can also upload images that you didn’t upload on Instagram.


4. Copy the HTML Code Into Your Site: Once you complete all the processes you would get an option to copy the Html link, you have to copy the HTML link to your clipboard and then you can paste it wherever you want: a section of your home page, a blog post, a landing page, or even the sidebar of your blog post.

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