How To Gain More Followers On Twitter

How To Gain More Followers On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular and active social media platforms. Twitter has over one billion registered users and 386 active million users. Twitter has earned its place as one of the platforms for building and connecting with larger audiences.

  1. Be Active: Twitter is a highly dynamic social media platform that can handle a massive volume of tweets everyday. Every tweet represents  an opportunity to increase your visibility. It is vital to schedule and manage your posts.


2. Valuable Content: Tweet information that is highly informative and relevant, by tweeting valuable content you are likely to engage with your audience. One can share infographics, current events, podcasts etc.


3. Use Hashtags: The best way to use hashtags is to look out for trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand. When you engage with the right hashtags you are likely to find your niche and potential target market.


4. Timing: Timing is crucial on Twitter. Keep a track of your users on Twitter and notice when they engage the most. Gain insights and schedule timely posts. Also stagger your tweets, so you aren’t overwhelming your Twitter followers.


5. Join Twitter Chats: Twitter chats are like virtual meetups around specific topics. Each Twitter chat will have its own hashtag and the host will ask questions and people can participate and share their views, ask questions, comment on answers etc. By engaging with individuals it helps in building long last connections. 

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