How to Get Verified on Instagram: The Essential Steps

How to Get Verified on Instagram: The Essential Steps


It seems that almost everyone on Instagram has a blue badge, right? Of course, it depends on who you are following. I’m not talking about your friends and family. I’m talking about celebrities, famous people, successful entrepreneurs, sports stars, etc.

It looks fancy, maybe exclusive, right?

The blue badge means authority, credibility, trust… It means that you are someone important. I have good news for you. You don’t need to be an American president to get that badge. You don’t even need hundreds of thousands of followers.But if you find yourself in the camp of deserving this designation, I’ve got a few tips detailing how to get verified on Instagram.

What does Instagram verification mean?

Instagram verification means establishing your Instagram account as the “authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, or global brand.” An Instagram verified account gets a verified badge. It’s a blue seal with a little check mark that appears next to your username. You can apply for Instagram verification with either a personal account or a business account.

How to Request Verification on Instagram

    • Log into your account and navigate to Settings from the menu on the top right
    • Inside Settings, click on “Account” and select “Request Verification”
    • Complete the required fields and then hit send to start the review process

As Instagram states, just because your account may be eligible for verification doesn’t necessarily mean it will designated as such. There is no guaranteed timeline for when you’ll be notified, but if denied, you’ll have to wait 30 days before attempting to request verification again.


1. There’s no minimum follower requirement to be verified on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t require you to have a certain amount of followers to apply for verification (unlike some of their other features!) On the flip side of that, having millions of followers doesn’t guarantee verification, either! It’s all about those qualifications listed above so make sure you meet them!

2. Instagram does not give specific reasons for denying verification requests. Users will receive a notification that says your account hasn’t met the criteria and that’s it. Kinda annoying, right?! You are, however, able to submit a request every 30 days, so keep trying!

3. There is no way to manually submit news articles you’ve been featured in – Instagram does their own research on press and appearances. If the articles you’ve been featured in can be found on Google, they will find them! If you’ve been featured in publications make sure your / your business name is listed in the title, or the excerpt that displays on google. If your name is mentioned in passing it may not hold as much weight.

4. There’s no telling when Instagram will approve or deny your request. In typical Instagram fashion, it can take days or weeks. Just keep an eye on your notifications (which is how they told me I was verified!) for your approval or denial message.

5. You will NOT receive an email from Instagram asking you to apply for verification, nor can a third party get you verified for a fee! There are plenty of scams related to Instagram verification so make sure you don’t fall for any. If you receive an email from Instagram suggesting you can get verified by clicking a link, DON’T DO IT! This is how you get your account hacked! I received one of these emails and when I checked who the sender was, it was [email protected]! That’s definitely not Instagram! Also, do not pay anyone to get you verified, whether they claim to “know someone at Instagram” or not. It’s not possible. The only way to be verified on Instagram is through the official application process noted above.

Is Getting Instagram Verified Worth It?

There’s a lot of planning and effort involved in Instagram verification, so make sure you have a good reason before you get started. Fortunately, there are plenty of benefits to being verified, from better brand credibility to a stronger social search presence.

IG verification differentiates you from the crowd and makes it easier for you to reach the people that matter most to you. Used correctly, it makes you more trustworthy on social media and boosts your conversion rates. All you need to do is show that you’re worthy.

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