How To Get Verified On Twitter

How To Get Verified On Twitter

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ve noticed a blue checkmark associated with various accounts. Being verified on Twitter is somewhat of a status symbol as it indicates a profile is authentic. Verification helps build credibility and a trustworthy presence on Twitter.

  1. Verification Process: The process is now self-serve from within the platform. Access your account settings through desktop or a mobile application and select ‘ request verification.

2. Choose Account Category: You’ll be asked to select your category from six eligible ones mentioned above, and taken through submitting specific requirements for authenticity. Then you must verify your activity in the specific category selected.


3. Verify Your Activity: It is vital to choose your category depending on what you choose. You can also add in your notable work and recent articles, influencer meets etc.


4. Confirm Your Identity: You’ll be asked for a confirmation of overall identity verification such as photo ID or websites reference to the account being submitted. These documents are an essential step in the verification process. 


5. Submit The Request: Once you’ve finished submitting this information, the request will go into the queue for review, which could take a few weeks depending on the volume of requests. If your application is approved the blue badge will appear automatically.

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