How To Market Your Business On Instagram

How To Market Your Business On Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram and other social media platforms have changed the way people consume content. With an effective marketing strategy, you can find success in these new mediums. Instagram is a great way to market your business effectively with the available tools and tips.

1. Follow-Unfollow Method: You can start by adding your acquaintances first and build a profile that speaks about your business. you can integrate new Instagram followers by sending a message telling them about your business and requesting to show interest in your Instagram page. Study Instagram and look at the Instagram accounts you like. Follow accounts relevant to your business niche and when they follow you back, unfollow them because Instagram doesn’t allow following more than 7500 Instagram users per day.


2. Build A Network: Increasing your network to the influencers will help you get acquainted with the new trends and follow them. You can also target the followers in the list of your influencers account for better marketing and audience targeting.


3. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are the key to relevance. You show up to the relevant crowd with the right hashtags even if they don’t follow you. With a public account and the right hashtags, you increase your reach by threefold. Research the hashtags related to your business and products, but try searching for the popular ones like # travelling or #foodie before adding one of your own. Use different hashtags every time.


4. Tag And Mention:  Don’t forget to tag businesses related to yours so they will see your post and potentially share it with their followers too! Tag products you use or wear in your seats for free advertising. This way, you are utilising and invoking a quid-pro-quo from the mentions, increasing your reach if they repost your review on their Instagram account. Post pictures with text overlay that tells viewers about the product or service you offer and where they can find it online. Create a unique username that is memorable and easy to find: visibility is the key, and audience memory is the lock. 

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