Instagram Growth Strategy

Instagram Growth Strategy

For many businesses, it may seem it is impossible to conquer ever-changing algorithms on popular social media platforms such as Instagram. However, there are some useful Instagram growth hacks that can be used without trying to reinvent the wheel that still result in growth in followers, engagement, and profitability.

1. Create a Strategy for a Foundation For Your Instagram Growth Hacks

Before starting your Instagram growth hacking, it is best to sit down and define an in-depth strategy that serves as a roadmap for how you will accomplish your Instagram growth goals. Define specific goals you would like to achieve in your Instagram account, including the desired level of your followers, as well as how many leads and sales you want by a specific date.It is best to create a content creation strategy to maximize engagement with your target audience. Furthermore, people often follow a page because they believe the content within it was exceptional. 

2. Create a Business Profile

The biggest Instagram hack that will allow you to succeed in growing your Instagram presence is to create a business profile. A business profile will allow you to gain access to Instagram Analytics which will provide insights into how your audience engages with your presence. Therefore, you can adapt your strategy to focus on initiatives that work well, while reducing focus on what is ineffective.

3. Create an Instagram Caption Strategy

Creating an Instagram caption strategy is a great way to capture your audience’s attention.Integrate emojis that match with the descriptions or emotions that one may feel when you read your post. Use tags to feature your best customers or staff members with their permission. After all, your audience will love seeing the people behind your business.

5. Use Instagram Paid Advertising

At first glance, it may not even seem worth investing in paid advertising when compared to organic efforts to grow audiences. However, it has proven to be necessary since the social media landscape and its algorithms are constantly changing. Instagram provides opportunities through paid advertising to expand your targeted audience to demographics who may not already be quite familiar with your brand from the start. It tends to be rather precise and offers formats such as standard photos/videos, carousel posts, and Story Ads. 

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