Instagram Tips To Have The Perfect Feed

Instagram Tips To Have The Perfect Feed

An aesthetic Instagram feed is a clear winner. The classy and perfect Instagram feeds gains more followers and leads. Everybody loves a high quality, thematic feed brimming with vibrancy. Here is a set of tips to help you improve your feed.

  1. Choose A Niche – Sticking to one niche is important. Down the line, you will be known for that niche as you dive deeper into it. It is vital to come up with content which is relevant to your brand. Your feed should reveal a lot about your products, brand, culture, testimonials and so on.


2. Target Audience- Once you’ve found your niche. It is vital to attract the right audience and know their demographics, their tastes, preferences etc. Identify the convincing buyers persona and focus on turning them into potential long term customers.

3. Stay Relevant – Don’t post inconsistent or irrelevant content. Strive for relevancy in your feed as well as creativity. Have a central idea, so your feed weaves a storyline revolving around it. Make sure that everything seems coherent and in place with your brand’s ideology. This will help creating high engagement online as well as turn your audience into your customer base.


4. Customise Your Theme – There is no rulebook to the perfect Instagram feed theme. You can have your creative juices flowing while experimenting with them. There are a variety of themes to choose from such as a title theme, rainbow theme, pastel theme, monochrome theme etc


5. Colour Palette- Choose the right colour palette for your brands philosophy. You can either be loud or subtle with the palette. Go for a primary one color palette or play safe with white and black.


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