Optimising Your Profile To Get More Comments On Instagram

Optimising Your Profile To Get More Comments On Instagram

Here are some tips and tricks that can ensure that you get more likes and comments on Instagram, which will, in turn, prioritise your posts and account for the Instagram algorithm.

1. Create A Business Account: Creating a business account for your brand on Instagram gives you an added benefit of controlling how your customers can reach you; be it on call, text, or emails. With the insights available. a business account will further help you to decide the best time to make a post; preferably when the highest number of your customers are active & you get the most number of engagements. A business account allows you to add a direction to your outlet or office, making it more welcoming for the users. It even allows you to schedule posts; i.e., you can make a post and leave it up to the account to post at the most appropriate time. This gives you valuable time to engage with users on the platform.


2. Engaging Content Is The Key: Engaging content is the primary key to get more likes and comments on your Instagram post. Ensure that you are consistently posting visually pleasing content that is able to grab user’s attention.Mix match between Instagram photos, videos, or reels to make your feed fresh & exciting.


3. Turn On Push Notifications: If you are wondering how to get more followers, likes, and comments on Instagram, a quick reply is a step to follow. Instant responses not only can attract more followers but also increases your profile appearing on your followers feed. Turning on push notifications can help you reply quickly. For this, go to your account settings and tap on the notifications icon. Now choose the desired notifications.


4. Create An Instagram Content Calendar: To get more likes and comments on Instagram, plan out a publishing calendar as per your organisation’s goals & preferences. According to the new algorithm, timing is a factor to consider. So it is recommended to avoid posting content roughly without maintaining an apt system. Also, avoid posting repetitive content. To ensure that your content does not jumble up, maintaining a social media content calendar is the best way.

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