Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing

Stealth marketing is advertising something to a person, without them realising they’re being marketed to. It’s a low-cost strategy that can be really valuable to a business, but the issue with stealth marketing is one of ethics. When is it okay to market to someone and when isn’t it? Product placement is stealth marketing. Stealth marketing might seem a bit risky sometimes, but no one can ignore all the positive outcomes it brings with the risk being undertaken:



1. Creation of Pre-launch Interest for the Product

If done appropriately, stealth marketing is supposed to create a massive buzz about a particular product before it is even launched. In those cases, the customers literally get impatient about the product and the moment it gets released, people start hurrying to the shops to buy it as soon as possible. However, the marketers need to be careful enough to design the campaign in such a way so that the buzz continues for a specific amount of time.


2. Promotion of the product without Advertisement

Stealth marketing is not about traditional advertisements of products, which is not even that effective nowadays, considering the fact that people often ignore these types of marketing activities. Stealth marketing, on the other hand, is unique and presented unconventionally, which is more likely to draw the attention of the consumers and make them bring others to the market as potential buyers of the product.


3. Cost Efficiency

For stealth marketing campaigns or activities, the use of studios, posh locations, extraordinary backgrounds and all the other expensive stuff is not needed, it can be done with far less budget and yet it can generate high value and a strong customer base.

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