Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets

Fleets were supposed to be a way for Twitter to better rival Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms that pioneered the Stories format. Fleets appeared above the timeline for just 24 hours before disappearing. which sat at the top of the timeline in a row of Stories-like bubbles.

  1. Tweet and Share More Freely: Fleets may satisfy that urge to tweet random thoughts. You could give yourself permission to say what’s on your mind and then move on. For example, sometimes when I listen to music, I get inspired to share something that I wouldn’t otherwise. Fleets might become a good place to do that!


2. Control Your Audience: Sometimes you want to share an update, but you don’t want others to find your post in search. I have a special example from work. I have my own video game character and I love sharing updates about my in-game appearances, but I want my posts to reach my followers and not the whole game’s community. This seemed tricky on Twitter where my unique character name or the game title could be found in search, so I posted about it on Instagram Stories the most. With Fleets, I could easily share the same cute updates on Twitter!


3. Get Audience Insights: My Twitter audience is filled with lurkers who see my content, but rarely acknowledge it through likes, replies and retweets. Now with Fleets, I can start to understand who are my most engaged followers. That’s huge! For example, the first 3 people to see my first Fleet were all male, which I didn’t expect. I’ve nicknamed my core Instagram Stories viewers as “the usuals” and I’m curious if my Fleets’ viewers will be recurring too. 


4. Curate and Surface the Best Content: Imagine if people share their best ideas on the feed and less important stuff on Fleets. If Twitter users follow this approach en masse, then it sets expectations. This type of curation could be similar to Instagram where my most polished photos go on the grid permanently and my spur of the moment posts go on Stories.


5. More Cross-Posting Potential: There is tons of potential to cross-post content between Instagram Stories and Twitter Fleets. It’s already easy to cross-post between Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, so now you can hit 3 of the biggest platforms with 2 uploads.

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