Twitter Tools Every Marketer Needs

Twitter Tools Every Marketer Needs

It’s an established fact that Twitter is demanding. The sheer amount of tweets can make brands step back from regular posting. Whereas a well-thought-out Twitter strategy can bring you under the limelight. But for that, you need to inspect analytics and trace out what’s working for your business and what’s not. Most marketers rely on a Twitter tool for devising this foolproof plan.


  1. SocialPilot: is one of the best Twitter analytics tools that power up your Twitter marketing. It categorises tweets in meaningful segments such as most popular tweets, most favourite tweets, most retweeted tweets, etc. SocialPilot helps you increase engagement on your profile with its thorough analysis on the Twitter activity dashboard. The best part about using SocialPilot as your Twitter analytics tool is that you can easily ‘reshare’ your most performing tweets right from the tool itself. You can also generate Twitter analytics reports and share them with your clients and team members. This Twitter tool is uncomplicated to use and provides more than just Twitter analytics features. SocialPilot helps you solve major areas of social media marketing such as.

2. Tweepi: Is the Twitter marketing software that guarantees engagement. If you fail to engage with your audience, your followers, even in thousands, hold no meaning. But it certainly takes a lot of time to engage with all for a handful of them to respond. That’s where Tweepi makes your work easy. Tweepi is driven by artificial intelligence. It is one of the best Twitter marketing tools that offers such advanced features to shoot up your followers, keeping them engaged. Set up your Tweepi account and feed in the relevant hashtags and users/competitors you want to track. It will further study the targeted hashtags and users to filter the most active and relevant users fit for your engagement.



3. Followerwonk: is a Twitter marketing tool that optimizes your search. Find befitting bios and users to build fruitful connections. Look for influencers with ease with Followerwonk. A unique feature of this tool is that it lets you categorize your followers. You can sort them as per their interaction to reveal your loyal following base in real-time. You can also study your followers’ demographics to generate more relatable content.


4.GroupTweet: is a Twitter marketing tool that helps you analyze activity, schedule tweets, and more to enhance your overall performance on Twitter. There are a few features that set this tool apart from the rest. You can integrate it with any other social media scheduling tool. So, if your team/client uses any other tool, they can access GroupTweet directly from the same app. GroupTweet also has this feature where you can communicate privately on Twitter groups, providing account access without sharing Twitter passwords.

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